Chinese Made Easy 3rd Ed (Simplified) Textbook 2
马亚敏Yamin Ma;李欣颖Xinying Li
Publication Date:2014-01-07

Chinese Made Easy Book 2 Textbook (Simplified Character Version) (3rd Edition)*Online E-book*Period of use: 1 Year is ready now:

The third edition of Chinese Made Easy (Books1-7) is written for primary 5 or 6 students and secondary school and university students who are learning Chinese as a foreign/ second language.

This series is also designed for young students taking exams such as SAT, IGCSE, IB, HSK, or for those students who are starting to learn Chinese on their own. Here is a table for reference:

Books 1-3

IGCSE Foreign Language(UK)

Books 1-4

HSK Levels1-4(China)

Books 1-5

IGCSE Second Language(UK), HSK Levels1-5(China),AP(US),SAT(US)

Books 6-7

HSK Level 6(China), IB BS Level, IB BH Level

This series will introduce approximately 1800 characters.

The textbook and workbook are separate for books1-4, and are combined for books5-7.

Topics explored in the series:

Topics of Book2:


Personal introduction

House and rooms


Appearance and personality

Articles in the house


School subjects and facilities

Daily articles and accessories

Making appointments

Social relationships

Food and drinks

Holiday plans

Food and health

Seasons and weather

School facilities

Entertainment and tourism


School subjects

Communication and media


Daily routine







Customs, traditions and festivals



Global issues



Chinese geography and history



The series includes:

Textbook, Workbook, Teacher’s book, word cards, picture cards, additional exercises, and digital resources.

Audio recordings of new words, texts, rhymes and listening exercises are available for download from the publisher’s website.

The course features:

A wide variety of texts and practice materials

Up-date topics relevant to young students ‘lives

Careful pacing for gradual progress in language skills

Clearly focused goals and each unit

Practical tasks and activities to practice using the language

Regular consolidation and reinforcement of learning

Language materials presented in a fun and interesting way

Clear and colorful page design

Both simplified and traditional Chinese script in the vocabulary list

Other books in this series:

Chinese Made Easy for Kids (Books1-4) (for primary school students)

Click here to view Chinese Made Easy 3rd Ed-H5 Courseware online:

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课号 课名 内容 听力编号 听录音
第一课 我们搬家了 生词1 1
课文1 2
生词2 3
课文2 4
第二课 我的房间 生词1 5
课文1 6
生词2 7
课文2 8
第三课 我的一日三餐 生词1 9
课文1 10
生词2 11
课文2 12
第四课 我秋天去北京 生词1 13
课文1 14
生词2 15
课文2 16
第五课 我生病了 生词1 17
课文1 18
生词2 19
课文2 20
第六课 我的宠物 生词1 21
课文1 22
生词2 23
课文2 24
第七课 我家附近有商场 生词1 25
课文1 26
生词2 27
课文2 28
第八课 我的新朋友 生词1 29
课文1 30
生词2 31
课文2 32
第九课 我给朋友打电话 生词1 33
课文1 34
生词2 35
课文2 36
第十课 我的新学校 生词1 37
课文1 38
生词2 39
课文2 40
第十一课 我喜欢学汉语 生词1 41
课文1 42
生词2 43
课文2 44
第十二课 我的爱好 生词1 45
课文1 46
生词2 47
课文2 48

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