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Yeah!Chinese! teaching demonstration videos

How to teach kids during the kindergarten period? How to choose teaching materials? How to let children understand basic class - language? What should I do when students lack language environment.......


In order to solve these problems, Yeah!Chinese! Author Nini Nam prepares these two teaching demonstration videos for you. She is an experienced Chinese language teacher for children and has been teaching at Hong Kong’s international schools for years.


As the users are kids of kindergartens and the junior grades of primary schools, each book of Yeah!Chinese! is small and relatively thin. The whole series includes 20 books for two different phases, with 10 books per phase. The two phases represent a spiral rise, that is, Phase 2 is an extension based on Phase 1, so that children can learn more new words and expressions in the process of revision.


Let’s begin from Book1 Lesson1!

YeahChinese- Teaching DemonstrationBook1 Lesson 1-1)】


YeahChinese- Teaching DemonstrationBook1 Lesson 1-2)】


The teaching demonstration videos and materials mentioned above all can be found on our website and easy to watch or download. If there are further questions or advices, you can contact us directly through the following ways:



Facebook: Yeah Chinese


Thank you for your attention!




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